First we must steer clear of the Sirens


Nanowrimo. It calls to me.

Circe warned, “First we must steer clear of the Sirens,
their enchanting song, their meadow starred with flowers.
I alone was to hear their voices”, so she said,
“but you must bind me with tight chafing ropes
so I cannot move a muscle, bound to the spot,
erect at the mast-block, lashed by ropes to the mast.
And if I plead, commanding you to set me free,
then lash me faster, rope on pressing rope.”
~ The Odyssey

My friend Kate, who first introduced me to Nanowrimo some ten or more years ago asked this week on Facebook, “who is doing Nanowrimo this year?”

Nanowrimo is short for “National Novel Writing Month.” The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I’ve done it. Several times in fact. Some years are better than other.

I want to do it again. But I just can’t.

Show commitments and writing commitments and family travel commitments all make it next to impossible to undertake such a task.

Excuses? Perhaps. Also reality.

I’ll miss the challenge. And I hope that, someday soon, I can take it on again.

Until then, just bind me to the mast.

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