Where are the Jobs, Terry?


    • Ellie Lockwood on April 8, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    The best thing that could happen to Virginia is for Terry McAuliffe to run on his record and his many quoted statements….they are very revealing as to his ethics and personality. #1 thing unbiased and independent voters should note, he is the poster boy for the 1%. As Terry likes to say, “People like to do politics with me, and they like to do business too.” His ethically challenged crony business deals resulted in investigation after investigation but netted him $Millions that “he didn’t earn that!” Google “Global Crossing” ” Federal City National Bank” “Prudential Insurance, PBGC” ” American Pioneer-Resolution Trust” and the $30M loan from a union pension fund, and for those of us who revere this country and its history, let’s not forget renting out the Lincoln bedroom to Clinton’s big donors. These deals resulted in ethics investigations by the Justice Dept. the Labor Dept., even a Senate Select Committee. As Terry says, “I just operate on the assumption that all phone conversations are bugged.”

    Then we come to all those jobs. Most of his “companies” were financial partnerships with no employees and run from his house in McLean. GlobalCrossing was an exception. For a $100K investment Terry “earned” $18M before the company went bankrupt and people lost their jobs….shades of Mitt Romney? Then comes Green Tech Automotive. Not withstanding his decision to put his company in MS rather than VA, one could deduce VA would have turned down such a fraudulent deal. Now we find out four months later, McAuliffe has walked away from his car company. Was it to concentrate on his campaign? Terry says,”I’ve got to have 25 balls in the air at the same time.” Surely he could manage two!

    Considering all this, should we be at least a little concerned about a candidate who says, “As governor, I don’t want my fair share. I want more than my fair share” and “Someone who lies about little things (number of jobs created) will lie about the big things too.”

    His best quote is “I have big ideas. If you don’t like them, don’t vote for me”. Got that right.

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