The Dislocated Experience

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” width=”150″ height=”150″ />A few weeks ago, through Story Cartel, I was given the opportunity to review Dislocated by Max Andrew Dubinsky, I wrote in my Amazon and Goodreads review:

What’s up with the birds?

Dislocated is a gripping read. I happened to be lucky enough to get an advance copy prior to the official release today (October 31).

When Will wakes up with a major hangover and can’t quite get a grip on what day it is, you wonder if he’s just a loser who has lost all sense of reality. And maybe he is. How then to explain the birds, and the wolves, and the fact that every human he encounters is dead? The book left me wanting to read more while at the same time I was afraid to find what he’d encounter next. He’s alone. Or is he?

This is not normally the type of book I’d pick up. But with Dislocated, Max Dubinsky may have changed that.

In what may be the future of novels, Dislocated continues in The Dislocated Experience, a episodic graphic novel.

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