The Jeffersoniad to RPV: We’ve Had Enough

Today, The Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance wrote to RPV Chairman Pat Mullins regarding one new, very biased Washington Post reporter.

The story of this liberal lady? It’s explained in this post at Bearing Drift: WaPo’s Laura Vozzella Sure Knows How To Slant The News!

You see, we all know how The Washington Post loves to hate on George Allen. How many bazillion times did they use the m-word in 2006? More than we can count.

So when George Allen issues a statement condemning the remarks of Todd Akin, this new “reporter” (we use the term loosely) almost instantly had research on George Allen’s judicial appointments as Governor.


Apparently the thought at The Washington Post is why use Google when you can call the Kaine Kids.

Today, The Jeffersoniad said enough and sent this letter to RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

082112_Letter to Pat Mullins_FINAL
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