For the Senate: George Allen

For the Senate: George Allen

On Tuesday, June 12th, Virginia Republican voters go to the polls to choose their candidate to run against former Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine to replace the retiring Jim Webb.

From the beginning, I’ve had no other choice. The candidate who must win Tuesday’s primary is George Allen.

Only George Allen has a solid conservative record to run on, combined with the experience as well as the ability to take on Tim Kaine.

I first met George Allen some 27 years ago when he was a delegate and I was working on another state-wide race. Later I had the chance to volunteer for his 1993 bid for Governor, and the distinct honor to come to Richmond to work in his administration. Later in his term my wife also worked in his office.

What do we find in George Allen? Honesty, integrity, a believe in solid conservative principles and the ability to see and understand issues for what they are.

E.W. Jackson, Bob Marshall and Jamie Radtke are fine people. But they are not who we need as our Senate candidate.

The choice is clear.

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