As Governor, George Allen cut taxes by $600 million

In contrast, that’s about the amount Tim Kaine tried to raise them. Except for the billion vs. million part.

Politifact rates Allen’s claim as true: George Allen says he cut $600 million in taxes as governor

Our ruling:

George Allen said more than $600 million in taxes were cut during his governorship.

We came up with $676.1 million in cuts, although we should point out that some of these reductions took place over six years. Allen, however, never qualified the time period for the tax cuts. And he arguably could have added other reductions to his list.

We rate his statement True.

In stark contrast, Tim Kaine did everything he could to raise taxes by an estimated $4 (Politifact) to $6 (Allen’s esimate) BILLION.

That’s Bee-Eye-Double-El-Eye-Oh-En!!!!!

Thankfully because he was out on the Obama cheerleading circuit as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Kaine was only a part time Governor.

I shudder to think what he would’ve tried if he actually showed up for work all the time.

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  1. That is MUCH better than I thought Allen to be at the time.
    Allen could have better yet if he had not stiff armed the VFOIA on the DSS ADAPT Program.
    Every human sins & falls short of the Glory of God.
    I will vote for Allen if I may.
    Allen’s moral compass basically works.
    It does not really matter if Allen is not the sharpest tool in the shed
    – that appears to be E.W. Jackson –
    what matters most is that Obama’s party loses the senate seat so that Obama’s impeachment can be honorable tried –
    BHO’s impeachment will likely be necessary if the criminal conceits of authority customary to ALL officers of the Judicial Branch [particularly conclusively evidenced by statute criminal in Virginia 18.2-481(5), 18.2-482 & 18.2-111].
    BHO & likely Romney will be adjudged constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS if VA Gov. McDonnell does his sworn constitutuional obligation to “take care that the laws are executed” such that ALL officers of the VA Judicial branch are persuaded to submit to the VA Governor their penitent plea for pardon upon the virtue of their parole oath.
    That same oath that only recognizes the exiting duty under the duly authorized exiting law should be publicly embraced by EVERY member of the Republican Party and by statute every employee of VA state and local government.
    Done prior to the Republican convention it seems likely that McDonnell will be raised & acclaimed from the convention floor as the Coolidge-like 2012 POTUS candidate.

    The VFOIA record requests of the public records of duly authorized public law coming before McDonnell make this scenario almost inevitable unless McDonnell stiff arms the VFOIA in Va18.2-481(5) felony statutory treason.

    For multiple reasons it may be to the advantage of all if Allen throws his support to Jackson and takes a seat in McDonnell’s cabinet.

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