George Allen Launches “Send a Message” Tour

May 31, 2012

George Allen Launches “Send a Message” Tour

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and George Allen Rally Votes for Important Victory on June 12  

Shenandoah Valley, VA – Today, George Allen welcomed Lt. Governor Bill Bolling on the campaign trail to launch the “Send a Message” tour, a two-week tour rallying Virginians to send a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and their Washington allies by giving George Allen an important victory in the Republican Primary on June 12.

Beginning at a ‘get-out-the-vote’ luncheon in Mount Jackson, George Allen and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling then carried their call to action to the Harrisonburg Court Square, where enthusiastic local residents came out to support George Allen to help send a message on June 12.

“Our country is at a crossroads on freedom – the freedom to work, invest, harness our energy and chart our own lives through personal responsibility,” said Lt. Governor Bolling. “This election is too important to sit on the sidelines, and it’s time for Virginians to send a message by rallying behind George Allen’s proven leadership, positive vision and powerful ideas for an American Comeback.  He is the only candidate in this race with the record of creating jobs, reducing regulations, cutting taxes and fighting Washington waste. George Allen is the right leader for Virginia in the U.S. Senate.”

“Virginians have been hurt by the failed tax, regulate, spend, borrow and print policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine. And we’re here to send a message on June 12 that we Virginians want more freedom and opportunity and less government meddling in our lives and businesses,” said George Allen. “I’m grateful for the support of Bill Bolling and thousands of grassroots advocates who share my vision of a better future than what we are enduring these days. I’m positive about America’s future because this election we can choose to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation through responsible tax, reasonable regulatory and empowering energy policies that free job creators to invest, grow and create new jobs.”

In addition to the “Send a Message” events, Allen and Bolling visited a local job-creator, Rosetta Stone, which employs local residents in their service and distribution centers. Allen listened to Rosetta Stone business leaders discuss the cost of conducting business and how Washington’s regulatory agenda affects them. This afternoon, Allen and Bolling visited Jess’ Quick Lunch to hear firsthand the success and challenges of a landmark family restaurant, as well as enjoy a chili dog.

George Allen’s priorities are for Virginia businesses, small and large, to have less government and more freedom so they can grow, invest and hire more people. Last year, George Allen unveiled his detailed economic growth plan, the Blueprint for America’s Comeback, to rein in an overspending, overregulating federal government, create pro-growth competitive tax policies, and unleash America’s energy resources. For more information on George Allen’s Blueprint for America’s Comeback, click here.

Lt. Governor Bolling gets some help in the proper application of a bumper sticker. H/T Bill Bolling Facebook page

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