Why I’m not watching Oscar

I’m not planning to watch the Academy Awards tonight. I know, it’s often a great show with great entertainment. But, as in many years past, I’ve seen none of the Best Picture nominees. And I knew I wouldn’t get through the recommended list.

It’s not that I don’t like watching movies. I love movies. But with the cost of actually getting to the theater, and with Netflix going stupid on me, I don’t get a chance to see many current movies.

So, watching tonight I’d be kind of lost. Not to mention up too late.

It might be fun just to watch the opening with Billy Crystal. But then I’d be hooked. It’s all or nothing.

Look, I don’t have some superiority complex where I think not watching makes me better than those who watch. But I can just as easily see the list of winners in the morning. And it won’t be long before the highlights hit YouTube.

Funny, last year around this time I set a new goal to see all of the best picture Oscar winners from the beginning. That was, of course, before Netflix went stupid. Oh wait, I already said that.

But I still want to get through that list. Eventually.

Maybe I should start tonight. Where’s the closet Red Box?


  1. I didn’t watch them either, but not because I hadn’t seen any of the movies (well, I did see The Help, and it was pretty good). The main reason I don’t watch anymore is the Academy Awards is just The Cult of Celebrity’s own private exercise in self-congratulatory aggrandizement. What the Academy voters deem a worthy representation of the art of filmmaking has long ago lost any connection to what the viewing public considers to be a good movie. I’m too stupid to appreciate most of the films they believe are Oscar-worthy. I mean hell, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar – supposedly for a documentary. I think that’s when I tuned out.

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