Tuesday Round Up

Read this. I’ve got Nanowrimo words to write.

FOR REAL: The Ladies Of The View Want To Host A GOP Debate
Business Insider

HuffPo’s Michael Calderone and Jon Ward report that producers of the daytime talk show have reached out to all the candidates in the hopes of hosting a debate during their 11am hour on ABC.

Here’s word to the GOP, any candidate stupid enough to do this should be immediately disqualified from ever holding office again.

Pelosi: Gov’t Should Shut Down Plant Where Workers Refuse to Unionize

Heritage finds a nice catch in this CNBC interview with Nancy Pelosi last week, as Maria Bartiromo queries Barack Obama’s favorite House Speaker on the role of government in business expansion. Should agencies like the NLRB have the authority to shut down private-sector plants simply for not being unionized? Pelosi barely waits for the question to conclude before blurting out her “yes.”
See the video

Want To Know Who Is Behind The Herman Cain Smear?
Virginia Virtucon

Whoever was behind this has managed to turn Cain into a cause celebre for conservatives akin to Clarence Thomas. Rather than taking him down, this strategy appears to be galvanizing support for him.

Mrs. Cain to the rescue?
Hot Air

Herman Cain has often been asked why his wife has not joined him on the campaign trail, and he has consistently replied that the Cains decided that Gloria Cain would maintain the home and family, away from the public spotlight. The reclusive shifts to the exclusive, however, as Cain announced yesterday that Gloria would shortly give an exclusive interview. Is this a coincidence?

Harold Camping admits he may have made a mistake; promises to continue searching
Washington Post

Camping does not apologize for the prediction-gone-wrong. He does apologize for saying that people who disbelieved in the May 21 Rapture date would not be saved. He also repeats that it’s a lesson from God, and “sometimes it’s painful to learn.”

If Mr. Camping really wants to learn, he should memorize Matthew 24:36.

Born On This Day
1864 – Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna (d. 1918)
1871 – Stephen Crane, American writer (d. 1900)
1921 – John W. Peterson, American songwriter (d. 2006)
1926 – Betsy Palmer, American actress
1937 – Bill Anderson, American country music singer and songwriter
1941 – Robert Foxworth, American actor
1942 – Larry Flynt, American adult magazine publisher

Down from His Glory by John W. Peterson performed by the Chancel Choir of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida with Chip Dorton in 2000.

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