These Are Great Resources for Nanowrimo, but…

I have a word count to worry about. I should’ve read these yesterday.

Make Your NaNoWriMo Experience Count (4 Excellent Posts)
Writers Digest

Here are a few excellent posts that will help you prepare for the NaNoWriMo challenge in a meaningful way.

Why You Hate Writing, And How to Lust After the Blank Page Again

You’ll fail more than you succeed, but like anything worth doing, you get up, continue, and seek your reward — which is in the practice of the craft.

How to Start Writing a Novel
Nathan Bransford

Don’t worry about polish, don’t fret if the first chapter comes out horribly. Get words on page. Keep going. It may come to you instantly, it may take fifty pages, it may take a hundred and fifty pages. Just keep at it.


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