Weekend Round Up

Read this. It’s too wet to go outside anyway.

America in Decline
Bill O’Reilly, Townhall.com

That philosophy, currently embraced by President Obama, has led to massive debt, which, in turn, has created chaos in the private marketplace. In this world, a strong economic base is the foundation of power. America has lost that base.

#Occupy Movement Is Unsafe for Women: Attacks and Threats Show Dangers of Anarchist Organizing
Brandon Darby, Big Government

As the Occupy manifestation of the “Global Peace and Justice Movement” begins to decay and break down into the predictable anarchy, violence and arrests, it is becoming clear that the protests pose special dangers for women.

Virginia appeals denial of federal earthquake aid
The Washington Post

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) on Friday not only appealed a federal agency’s denial of earthquake aid for the state but also upped the ante, asking for an extra $7.4 million.

Born On This Day
1891 – Fanny Brice, American singer (d. 1951)
1897 – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda (d. 1945)
1940 – Connie Mack, U.S. Senator from Florida
1948 – Kate Jackson, American actress1961 – Randy Jackson, American musician
1971 – Winona Ryder, American actress

?”Prayer is not a replacement for work. It is the atmosphere of work. It is what gives to work its supernatural effectiveness.” – John Piper

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