When Less is More

I got this in my email today from Karl at The Startup Daily. It hit the spot.

Graham Hill tells us why less stuff equals more happiness:

The timing is somewhat amazing.

I’m not currently moving into a smaller space, although I dream of the day when the house is contained, the yard is limited, etc.

But we have recently reorganized our house to move our home office downstairs to make use of a room that saw little traffic. We’re also in the process of cleaning out, decluttering, giving away.

My wife’s van is currently full of stuff that’s going to the Salvation Army tomorrow. Stuff we don’t need, stuff we don’t use. Some stuff we haven’t seen in 5 or 10 years. And this is just the beginning.

Friday, we pulled four plastic bins of Halloween decorations out of the attic. I’ll be putting back two. Still probably too much, but I only kept the few decorations we actually use and the lights we string outside. Next year, I might be willing to get rid of those.

But, I have boxes like the one in the video. Probably several versions that were packed up when we first moved out of our apartment 17 years, and two moves ago.

So, I’m on a real kick to get rid of stuff. If we don’t use it, if we don’t see it, then we don’t need it.

But, back to work. I need to empty the paper shredder again.

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