Mid Week Roundup

Read this and hang on. Friday’s coming.

Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?

New York Magazine
We (New York Magazine) asked 50 occupiers a series of questions about Wall Street, taxes, and government. The results were mixed. See if you can do better.

Paging Tim Kaine: Obama is in the house
Lynn R. Mitchell, Bearing Drift

However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Kaine is in a neck-in-neck race against popular former Governor George Allen and, apparently, doesn’t want to get tainted by Obama’s sinking popularity. In fact, a number of other Democratic candidates would also be happy for Obama and his dismal approval ratings to stay away.

Obama’s teleprompter was stolen!
Net Right Daily

Must see video.

The EduJobs III Bailout

Michelle Malkin, Townhall.com

While strapped, reckless-spending school districts bemoan the edge of the federal “funding cliff,” another chunk of the EduJobs money went to states that didn’t even need it — and had kept their teacher payrolls full through responsible fiscal stewardship.

7 Quick Ways to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Social Media Marketing Workhorse

Your LinkedIn profile says everything about who you are professionally.

Born On This Day
1810 – Cassius Clay, American abolitionist (d. 1903)
1932 – Robert Reed, American actor (d. 1992)
1937 – Peter Max, American artist
1944 – George McCrae, American soul singer
1945 – John Lithgow, American actor
1945 – Jeannie C. Riley American country and gospel singer
1956 – Grover Norquist, American political figure
1965 – Ty Pennington, American television personality
1967 – Amy Carter, daughter of US President Jimmy Carter

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