Fitness: Day 12

Okay, I didn’t write over the weekend. I didn’t really exercise or pay attention to the diet either. And this morning it showed when the Wii Fit said “get off me!!!” But, I digress.

Saturday was a family trip to Tangier. We did some walking, so I wasn’t a total spud. That was yesterday.

So, it’s back on track this morning. I did the Wii Fit before I got back here to type this up. And, if the weather is going to be as mild as they are tempting me to think it is, I just might walk at lunch. No promises. If the temp begins with an “8” I’m staying in.

Christopher Warden talks this morning about exercise: What Is Exercise? And How Do You Have To Exercise To Get The Body You Want?

Warden says: Exercise is conscious movement/movement with a purpose — the key phrase being movement with purpose as aimlessly flailing around certainly isn’t going to give you results.

I need to work on that purpose. How about you?

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