Sorry I Won’t Blog for you For Free

I’ve written this post before. And I’ll probably write it again.

I have no illusions that some day this blog will take off and I’ll be self employed writing from home all day long.

Okay, that’s a lie, I really do, but it’s not going to happen by responding to an ad like this:

Will help write articles for my blog for free, but good income potential is possible in the future.

Okay, you just started your blog, you’re on Blogspot and you don’t even have a defined topic.

Look, everyone can start a blog. But you need to find your own talents, your own niche.

I’m working on that myself. Sometimes I’ll write a blog post for someone for free. I also write blog posts for pay. But even when there’s no pay, there’s an expected benefit. Real exposure, promotion of a cause, branding.

It is rarely, almost never about “potential that is possible in the future.”

So, no, I’m not going to write your blog for you.

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