I Won’t Write Your Blog for Free

I have a goal to establish myself as a freelance writer.  With a significant freelance income.  I’m off to slow start, and with this economy it may stay slow for a while.  Thankfully, I have a day job. 

So I spend some time most days searching for writing opportunities.  There are many out there.  I don’t always fit the requirements.

But I stay away from any that make statements like:

– No pay (yet) but you’ll share in profits as our business grows! (Meaning use your time and talents to make MY business grow)

– We can’t pay you, but this is a great opportunity to have others read your work. (Meaning put your stuff out there so others can steal it for free)

– We’ll pay you based on readership. (Meaning don’t expect to make much)

I’ve followed up on a couple of those types of “jobs.”  In the early days of the web and writing, I actually was paid repectably for a few articles I had on Themestream.  But Themestream (pay per click) couldn’t keep up with that model and eventually folded.

My writing is my work.  If I want to give it away from free, I’ve got my own blog.  If linking here builds your traffic, and mine, then go for it. 

But when I spend my time researching, writing and editing and article, I expect some benefit.  Either it’s for a cause or promotion in which I believe.  Or it’s for an addition to my bank account, also in which I believe.

Your ability to go to WordPress or Blogspot or a number of other places and set up a free website doesn’t make you an established publisher.

And it doesn’t give you the right to my work.

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