Thursday Morning Roundup: Lots to Read Today

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Obama defaults to economic blame game
The Daily Caller
A cascade of bad economic and political news knocked President Barack Obama off his game today, and prompted him to revive his 2008-style criticism of his predecessor, and also to suggest that investors, consumers and even the media are responsible for today’s stalled economy.
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Obama approval rating falls below 50 percent
President Obama’s approval ratings fell to below 50 percent for the first time since his ratings spiked following the news of the death of Osama bin Laden last month, according to a CBS News poll released on Wednesday.
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Rudy’s Running
Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard
I’m told by two reliable sources that Rudy Giuliani intends to run for the GOP nomination for president in 2012. He may throw his hat in the ring soon.
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New Whispers of Perry 2012 Bid
The Wall Street Journal
…over the past two weeks, political advisers and friends say, Mr. Perry has changed his tune on a possible presidential campaign. In private conversations, they say, the three-term governor said he worries that the current GOP contenders have yet to stir real excitement within the party and may struggle when facing President Barack Obama.
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Tim Pawlenty Proposes More Bold Solutions: IF You Can Google It, Cut It
Tony Lee, Human Events
According to Pawlenty, “the same competitive efficiency that revolutionized America’s private sector over the last three decades should at long last be applied to every corner of the federal bureaucracy as well.”
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Tim Pawlenty: I Would Sign Ban on Planned Parenthood Funding
In a radio interview today, Governor Tim Pawlenty weighed in on one of the top priorities for the pro-life community by saying he would, if elected president, sign a ban on taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
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Obama: Hope, Change, and the Occasional Sex Dream
Ann Coulter,
Nearly seven decades after FDR was president and five decades after JFK was, we still have to listen to liberals drone on about their stupendousness. It’s as if Republicans demanded constant praise for Calvin Coolidge.
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President Obama Wanted to Wait Until DNA Results Came Back on OBL Before Telling World of His Death
Jake Tapper,
…and other details from his decision to send SEALs into Pakistan to kill the al Qaeda leader, from a chapter in ABC News’ new eBook “TARGET: Bin Laden – The Death and Life of Public Enemy Number One.”
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Where Have all the Wretches Gone?
Timothy Tennent, Asbury Theological Seminary
If you have followed the adaptation of older hymns into current usage you will be aware of the quiet removal of the word “wretch.”
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Four Good Reasons NOT to be a ‘LinkedIn Smartypants’

Born on this Day

1891 – Cole Porter, American composer and lyricist (d. 1964)
1915 – Les Paul, American guitarist and inventor (d. 2009)
1916 – Robert McNamara, U.S. Defense Secretary and President of the World Bank (d. 2009)
1954 – Gregory Maguire, American novelist
1956 – Patricia Cornwell, American Novelist
1961 – Michael J. Fox, Canadian-born actor
1963 – Johnny Depp, American actor

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