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On this day in 1989, The Tiananmen Square protests are violently ended in Beijing by the People’s Liberation Army.

APRIL 23, 2010 Biden Flashback: ‘We’re Going to Be Creating Between 250,000 and 500,000 jobs a Month!’
“All in all we’re going to be creating somewhere between 100[,000] and 200,000 jobs next month, I predict,” Biden said, according to a pool report, adding that he “got in trouble” for a job growth prediction last month. “Even some in the White House said, ‘Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself.’ Well, I’m here to tell you, some time in the next couple of months, we’re going to be creating between 250,000 jobs a month and 500,000 jobs a month.”
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How’s that Change workin’ out for ya?

US house price fall ‘beats Great Depression slide’
The Independent
The ailing US housing market passed a grim milestone in the first quarter of this year, posting a further deterioration that means the fall in house prices is now greater than that suffered during the Great Depression.
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Bipartisan Congress rebuffs Obama on Libya mission
The Washington Times
Crossing party lines to deliver a stunning rebuke to the commander in chief, the vast majority of the House voted Friday for resolutions telling President Obama he has broken the constitutional chain of authority by committing U.S. troops to the international military mission in Libya.
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DONATELLI: GOP mustn’t go wobbly on Medicare reform
The Washington Times
Finally, Republicans should note that the only real policy alternative to Mr. Ryan’s plan for greater reliance on private insurance is rationing. That clearly is where Obama Democrats are headed, as evidenced by the establishment of the Independent Payment Advisory Board as a key part of Obamacare. If you are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s gas lines, wait until you have to take a number before you can see a doctor. If the program is not reformed, government will pick winners and losers, allocate a fixed dollar amount for care for the entire Medicare population, decide which services it will cover and which it won’t and for how much.
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Killer cellphones?! Don’t believe the WHO hype
Mark Siegel, USAToday
So how frightened should we be with this new lurking carcinogen with the pleasant and seemingly innocuous (but ultimately sinister!) ring tones? Answer: We should not be frightened at all.
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Born on this Day
Rosalind Russell 1907-1976
Dennis Weaver 1924 – 2006

Today is:
Old Maid’s Day
National Trails Day

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