Kings Dominion: From the Other Side

For the past two years, I’ve worked as a merchandise supervisor at one of the souvenir shops at Kings Dominion. It’s been a weekend job to make a little extra cash and perhaps get ahead in the Obama economy.

This year however, considering the rising cost of gas for the truck, and considering that I just made the final truck payment, I didn’t go back.

Part of me misses it, especially the people. But a larger part of me loves having weekends.

Weekends where the family and I can spend the day at…Kings Dominion.

Again, due to you know who’s economy, we’re not traveling this summer. We’re bypassing a college reunion and our normal week at the beach. That’s okay. Those are choices we had to make.

But we opted instead to get the season’s passes to Kings Dominion. Big Wave Bay isn’t quite the beach, but it’s still good fun and a little more exciting than the neighborhood pool (which is also fun in it’s own right).

We spent most of our afternoon in Water Works. The boy is old enough now that Mom and Dad can let him do the slides and splash house on his own while we watch. Bonus.

Today, we didn’t take in any other rides. But that’s the joy of season’s passes. We can go back and stay as long as we want. Or we can go ride a couple of rides and head down to Bass Pro Shop for dinner.

It’s all good.

Have you made adjustments to your summer schedule this year because of the economy?

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