Wednesday Morning Roundup

Leader Cantor Statement In Opposition To A Clean Debt Limit Increase
WASHINGTON, D.C.House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) issued the following statement regarding the clean debt limit increase that failed in a House vote tonight 318 to 97:

“Tonight’s vote illustrates that there is no support in the People’s House for a debt limit increase without real spending cuts and binding budget process reforms. At a time when we continue to borrow 40 cents of each dollar we spend and our debt is more than $14 trillion, the families and business owners throughout the country want Washington to begin to live within its means and stop maxing out the credit card. Hopefully this vote will illustrate to Treasury Secretary Geithner and the 110+ House Democrats who’ve demanded a clean increase that this approach is not acceptable or responsible. I look forward to continuing to work with Vice President Biden and our bipartisan group of Congressional leaders on the debt limit negotiations to produce a product that will achieve trillions in spending cuts and begin to put our country on the path to long-term fiscal health.”

Chasing Sarah: The Boys Behind the Bus
Michelle Malkin,
What makes Sarah stand out in the national GOP field is that she is beholden to no one and controls her own destiny. She doesn’t need media kingmakers to make her. They need her. She doesn’t need newspaper or TV producers to drive her story. She drives them. Crazy.
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Anthony Weiner Is Not Doing Himself Any Favors
New York Magazine
We won’t pretend to know the truth behind Weinergate — whether Weiner was the victim of a hacker or prankster or conservative conspiracy, or whether he was personally responsible for sending a college girl a photo of a man’s bulge over Twitter. But what’s clear is that Weiner is only inviting more suspicion on himself by the way he’s handling the attention.
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New car purchases starting in June will have a mandatory black box installed
Beginning in June of 2011, all new cars manufactured and sold in the United States will be required to have a mandated black box device installed, which can be used to monitor several different physical and technical data points.
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4 Key Numbers You Should be Focusing on to Multiply Your Blog’s Sustainability
Big Feed Marketing
Successful bloggers share three qualities in common with each other: patience, persistence, and consistency. These are especially necessary early on in your blog’s life when people don’t respond to your posts; however, these qualities must be focused on four key numbers if your blog is to be successful long-term.
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  1. Thanks for including 4 Key Numbers You Should be Focusing on to Multiply Your Blog’s Sustainability in your round up this morning, Michael. I appreciate you sharing it with your readers.

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