Down By the Riverside

The small child and I took a walk this evening through Robious Landing Park.  He has a school project due next week in which he needs multiple pictures that he has taken of trees. 

We took 73 pictures.  I think we can get the 10 or 20 he'll need.  That's what's great about digital cameras.  Keep and print what you want.  Delete the rest.

It was chilly, but a ni

ce walk through the woods.  And a good time to talk after he'd apparently had a bad day at school that ended in the loss of his water bottle.  He didn't want to go to Tae Kwon Do, he didn't want to take pictures.

But the afternooon got better.

I'm not sure how much he absorbed, but while we were walking I was able to tell him some about our Huguenot ancestors who settled along that portion of the James River in the late 1600s.  Yes, that would be the Huguenots for which Huguenot Road is named.

It was a mostly peaceful walk that ended nicely a chaotic week.  Work, rehearsals, school and more just seemed to fade into the background.