Senator Mark Warner Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone

Today the United States Senate defeated the measure to repeal the unconstitutional it’s not law anymore Obamacare health debacle.  Senator Jim “I’ve only raised $12,000” Webb voted with the Democratic majority.  Was he out of the country again during the November elections?

Two Senators didn’t vote.

Mark Warner was one of them. Virginia Virtucon has the details:  Senate Vote To Repeal Obamacare Fails 47-51; VA Senator Skips The Vote

Was Warner afraid to cast a vote?  Does he realize that Obamacare is failing and not want to help rearrange the deck chairs?  Or does he think if he voted against it he’d ruin his reelection chances?

Virginia needs a Senator who will take a stand.  Even if it’s the wrong one.

UPDATE:  Riley at Virginia Virtucon receives an explanation for the Senator’s absenceUnfortunately, Senator Warner missed Wednesday’s 5pm vote on the repeal amendment because he was at a local hospital where his daughter was taken by ambulance after experiencing a serious medical emergency at school at midafternoon.

Indeed, the Senator was where he needed to be.  We still disagree with what his likely vote would have been.  But he made the right decision to be with his daughter.  He took a stand.  And it was the right one.


    • Lynnette on February 3, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Reminds me a bit of one of the aldermen (alderperson?) in our little town. She misses a lot of meetings and doesn’t even have the courtesy to let the mayor know she won’t be there. Consequently, many meetings have been called to order then immediately adjourned because there wasn’t a quorum present. And then when she IS there, she frequently abstains when it is time to vote. If I were to run against her in the next election, I would get a copy of the minutes of each meeting from the time she took office and count up how many meetings for which she was not present, how many times that created a lack of a quorum, how many votes she has missed, and how many times she abstained when she was present to vote. That’s one thing I would do IF I were to run against her, however, I will not be running against her since I live safely outside the city limits. 🙂

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