I’m delighted to announce that my first children’s book, CAT and PIG: A Story of Friendship,  is now available to purchase on Amazon.

It’s been a long time coming.

The real life Herbie and Quinn

The book is based on the true life friendship of Herbie and Quinn who live on a friend’s farm in Washington State.

I’ve written about my friends before, most recently when I wrote When A Friend Sails Into the West about the loss of our mutual friend, Matt. The book is dedicated to Matt.

We met some twenty years ago online through a love of politics and Tolkien.

When my friends shared pictures of the special friendship Herbie and Quinn share, an idea was born.

I struggled with the medium. I could draw them, but I couldn’t. I could paint them, but I couldn’t.

And then I took a little adventure called the 100 Day Project and, a little more than halfway through, I came up with the concept for the animals.

Wednesday of this week, I held the first print copy of the book in my hands.

It may or may not be a true story that I watched the progress of the Amazon delivery driver on the website and stared at her through the blinds as she put the book in the mailbox.

It was pretty exciting to open the package.

Nearly forty-five years ago when I first held in my hands the college yearbook that I edited, I remarked that I felt like crying.

I haven’t cried over this book yet. But I’ve realized that there’s a connection between the art or design aspect and the writing. It’s always been about both.

It only took four decades to figure that out.

I hope you’ll check out CAT and PIG: A Story of Friendship.

And, as always…


That’s it. That’s it for the week.

Go enjoy your weekend.

After you buy the book.  And share this page.

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