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Terri Main

Do not engage the Borg.

I broke my own rule on Friday. I posted a political snark.

It was just a bit of fun that made a valid point. Some people took it far too seriously.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Saturday, I finally made it to Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion. Just…wow.

Also, a realization that I need to get out more. I wrote Friday about getting back into the walking routine. Saturday showed me that I shouldn’t try to do it all in one night.

I’m a work in progress.

Sunday, after online church, and okay maybe a little during. I spent some time working on ideas for this blog as well as Instagram projects that I’ve got going.

Now that I’m not ranting politically, or posting a daily whine about health and treatments, coming up with brilliant subject matter can be a challenge.

So, I recently went back to Pinterest. I was a nice surprise to be reminded that “hey, I’ve pinned some good stuff here.”

I spent some time over there yesterday morning, taking notes, pinning more things of interest.

The reality is that I’ve got sixty-three years of source material.

The challenge is making the time to use it while being disciplined enough to not be distracted by other things.

If you’ve been reading here, as of course you should, you know that I’ve been working to simplify things. To

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focus more on the important things.

It’s not easy.

Several times a week, if not several times a day, I’ll see a new project idea or come up with one of my own and think “oooh…shiney.”

I need to stay focused.

I lost a touch with that Friday with the snarky post. Not with the post itself, but explaining to those who objected why they weren’t seeing the whole picture. I did finally say “read what I’ve already written.”

And I’ve attempted to move on.

October is almost over and in a little more than two weeks, I’ll be in full rehearsals for Christmas. When I’m not, the calendar is filling up with photo shoots and events.

I don’t have time for the snark.

Christmas is a season of Peace.

Let it begin in me.

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