Friday: Stories in Progress

It’s Friday and you may have been expecting another short story.

So was I.

Truth is, I have a couple written but they’re not ready to be introduced to the public.

It’s that whole balancing thing.

The show that I’m directing, Doublewide, Texas, at CAT Theatre, opens three weeks from tonight.

We’ll be ready.

But, for multiple reasons, one of which was a work related trip of my own, the rehearsal schedule was disrupted this week.

We’ll be back at it on Sunday.

Yes, that’s also Mother’s Day.

You’re welcome for the reminder.

Life is busy. Life goes on.

There will be more short stories in the future.

There will be a novel in the future.

Today is not the future.

Today we live in the present.

That’s my gift to you instead of a short story today.

Again, you’re welcome.

One of these days we’ll be able to talk about a weekend that’s really a weekend and not full of events.

That, also, is not this weekend.

But, get out there and do what you have to do.

If you can relax or do something fun. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Just remember to call Mom.

See you Monday.

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