Something Friday This Way Comes

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Finally, the weekend, and some time off.

Or not.

I looked back at my calendar. It’s been about a month since I worked my last day at the amusement park.

I’ve yet to have a weekend that was completely free of obligations.

As you may recall, last weekend I was wrapped up directing for the Red Eye 10s International Play Festival, followed by an all-day trip to Leesburg for the wedding of a good family friend.

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And, so, it continues this weekend.

Friday and Saturday night, the Mrs. and I will be participating in Dance, Drama, and Beyond, an ArtOberfest event at CAT Theatre. So, of course we’ve been working on lines and rehearsing all week.

It slows down after that. We think.

For me anyway, Monday is a holiday. Thank you Christopher Columbus for discovering Mondays.

Or, something like that.

I don’t remember Fall being this busy.

After seven or so months of working roughly seven days a week, I’ve been looking forward to free weekends.

I’m still looking.

Fall is sort of a nostalgic time for me. I remember falling leaves, and pumpkin patches, and homecomings, and more.

In a week where I’ve been trying to pound the lines from a one-act play into my head (admittedly, I got a late start on learning them), I’m fondly remembering the times when my only worries were whether we’d get all of the pastel colored dinner napkins stuffed into the chicken wire in time for the Friday Homecoming Parade.

Do they even make pastel colored dinner napkins anymore? It helped greatly at the time that our main school colors were blue and white.

True story: In the five years of high school (we were set up as 8-12), I designed four out of five Homecoming Floats. Let’s just say that the designs were often more clever than the execution.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah…Saturday…

I thought about sitting here and continuing to write while trying to make this witty, or inspiring, or newsworthy. But it’s the weekend.

We should get off the Internet.

Message me on Facebook when you’ve unplugged.

Or maybe not.

Finally, in the spirit of homecoming, and football, and the best halftime show ever check out SpongeBob and the Band Geeks. Copyright doesn’t allow me to post it here but you can watch it on the Nicklelodeon site.

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