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Those of us who write spend our entire lives in an endless English class.

American screenwriter,film and television director, film and television producer, comic book author and composer, Joss Whedon, was born on this day in 1964.

True story. I never learned to diagram sentences. It wasn’t taught in any of my English classes.

And, also true story, I was only an English major for one quarter before I switched to Speech.

But, even a year or two after my last English class (I was never any good at math), I’m still learning English, and grammar, and almost on a daily basis, spelling.

Word and spell check have made me lazy.

I have a dictionary and a style manual at my finger tips, but I generally go to Google. It’s easier.

Still, as a writer I am constantly trying to better my craft.

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Okay, I confess, a lot of times my writing style here on the blog is a bit, let’s say, creative.

I forget which writer said it, if indeed it was a writer, but the idea was that you need to learn all the rules before you can break them.

I probably got a little ahead of the game on that.

But I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my craft. Whether, as I mentioned the other day, it’s re-reading Stephen King’s book, or finding a new webinar, or even just playing word games to increase my vocabulary.

There’s a certain amount of vulnerability in being writer. You put words together and then let people read them, and judge them.

It’s the same for me in the acting and graphic design that I do.

So, there’s a bit of pressure to get it right. And then to get even better.

Let’s not get silly, we all know that I don’t have time right now to take another writing or English class. But, when and where I can, I’m working on it.

You may not be a writer, or an actor, or an artist. But wherever life has taken you, or you have taken your life, there’s always room for improvement.

That’s true whether you’re twenty or approaching sixty.

There’s always room for improvement.

Or is that Jello?

It’s the weekend.

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American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress, June Carter Cash, was born on this day in 1929 (d. 2003).


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