Seize the May

“As it fell upon a day
In the merry month of May,
Sitting in a pleasant shade
Which a grove of myrtles made.”

English poet, Richard Barnfield

It’s a bonus day. Today is both Monday and the first day in the month of May.

It’s all about new beginnings.

On Friday I talked about learning to say no. Sometimes saying no is what it takes to get to new beginnings.

No, I can’t do that for you, I’m going to take better care of myself.

No, I won’t let you get away with that. I don’t mean to vagueblog but let’s just leave that one right where it is for now.

Suffice it to say that I don’t like playing those kinds of reindeer games, but when I play, I play to win.

Of course, obscure references aside, that’s they way we all should be playing every day. We should all be going for the win. Working at our peak, doing our best, looking for opporutunities to make things better.

A lot of times, it’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter.

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I don’t have the answer to that.

If I did, I wouldn’t be writing this on a Saturday night after nine hours working a second job, and them coming home to do yard work.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m determined to figure it out.

It’s just going to take some time.

And there’s no better time than the start of a new day, a new week, a new month.

Even if last week was something akin to a B horror movie, and I’m going to stop right there before I make an analogy that just wouldn’t be helpful, today is a new day, there’s a new script, there are new choices.

You might be getting the impression that last week was a rough week. You’d be right. But, as much as I share pretty openly here, it’s just not the time for this particular story. It will be in the book (one of them).

For now, the working title of that book is either “How I Wrote My Ass out of Hell,” or “How Did Things get so ****ed Up?”

S’cuse the language. It’s not my normal public vocabulary.

And if you’re following along with me on this journey, you already know that some weeks are better than others.

It’s been one of those less better than others weeks and sometimes…

No, this is getting a bit depressing. And I’m not going there.

Let’s just say that, by the time you read this on Monday morning, I will have jumped (or perhaps feebly crawled) out of bed in order to dream the impossible dream, to cross the Rubicon, to climb every mountain, to Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop…

Or, more simply put to seize the May.

Let’s carpe the heck out of this diem Month.

It’s May.


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