The next step in the journey

Yesterday may have been a bit whiny, but I got some responses. Most seemed to indicate “keep doing what you’re doing.”

So, maybe I won’t buy the beach house with the income from this blog. And that’s okay.

In the midst of all of this, and in addition to the encouraging comments, two more things happened to encourage me along this writing path.

First, I found my high school creative writing teacher on Facebook. We’ve connected as “friends” but haven’t really talked yet. She’s the one who wrote in my senior memory book “you have a gift of writing, don’t forget that.” That’s a paraphrase.

But I’ve talked before about how I did forget it for a while. And maybe that’s the struggle with finding the niche for this blog.

Or maybe I was always destined to never be able to focus.

Second, I found the inspiration I needed for one of the missing scenes from my script. Occasionally when I’ve got writer’s block or am working on something that doesn’t require deep concentration, I’ll put on a movie.

Last night on the TCM app it was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and later Godspell.

I love both, and while I’ve aged out of playing any of the parts in Godspell, I could totally rock Big Daddy Pollit.

I digress.

The point is that when I was getting ready for bed it hit me that one of the scenes from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was the scene I was looking for.

No, I have no intent of plagiarizing Tennessee Williams. It’s not the words of the scene, but the setting, and the conversation.

That’s all the details I’ll give right now. I’ll let you know when the curtain goes up on opening night. Because, it’s going to happen.

Maybe the script won’t buy the beach house either. That’s also okay.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing here about the journey.

Thanks for coming alone.

On a side note, I posted on Facebook that I was a little freaked out over a very young Victor Garber playing Jesus in Godspell.


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