Boots at the Ready


According to the people who decide what day is what, today is “National Kick Butt Day.”

I don’t know who gets to decide that.

But, in my house, it’s particularly relevant considering the medical test I’m having tomorrow.

I’ll pause a second whilst you connect the dots.

It’s also Columbus Day. This is being written on Friday, but by the time you read it I will have worked another couple of long days at the park and done a considerable amount of writing over the weekend.

I write this in the faith that I won’t have to come back and edit out that last line.

Today is also Columbus Day. Yet just one more politically incorrect day that I get time off from work. Let’s not mess that up, shall we?

I’m all about taking care of business, impending procedure included, but let’s be honest, sometimes people just get in the way and need their behinds kicked.

Or perhaps kick butt is just another way of saying Carpe Diem.

We’ve all got lists of things we need to do competing with the list of things we want to do.

I humbly thank you for coming by and reading my ramblings.

What’s important here with the list, or lists, is not so much that we get to mark everything off as done. What’s important is that we keep moving forward.

The only time everything on our list should be done is at our funerals, when it becomes someone else’s list.

So, don’t fret that the list keeps growing. Just keep moving.

Now get out there. We’ve got some magic to do.

American actor, singer, and dancer, Ben Vereen, was born on this day in 1946.


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