One at a Time


It’s the age-old question isn’t it? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Fireman, Doctor, Policeman, Ballerina…don’t judge.

I wanna be just like…

But the truth is none of us can be exactly like someone else. And that’s a good thing.

Our DNA is distinctive. Our finger prints are distinctive.

Sure we can, and should have role models. We can, and should have heroes that we look up to.

But the most successful of us, and likely the happiest of us find our own path.

We shouldn’t fear just being who we are.

Sometimes I wish I’d known that earlier in life. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t think that I had to fit into a specific pattern.

But I am where I am.

And where I am is a man of a certain age who has lost, or is at least losing, most of his filters.

Somedays that can still get me in trouble.

Most of the days I still behave…at least out loud.

I just don’t easily fit into a box. And that has nothing to do with what the scales say.

I’m unique. So are you.

Just like everyone else.


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