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This is not the Monday article you were looking for. I wrote a diatribe about people and crowds and inconsiderateness.

And then I deleted it. I didn’t need to post all that negativity here on this page. It’s not like the people it was directed to would ever read this, or if they did if they’d recognize themselves.

I know you really want to know what I said. In short, it was this:

Don’t be a butthead.

Your pejorative may vary.

I can’t fix people. So, I’ll work instead at fixing me.

If all has gone well, by the time you’re reading this I’ll either be at the gym or on my way to the office from the gym.

As I write this the gym bag is packed. The breakfast and lunch are packed.

All that remains is to get myself to bed early enough on Sunday evening that I won’t hit the snooze alarm elebenty-seben times.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Our pastor spoke about materialism on Sunday. It fanned the flames of my wanting to clear out the garage, and the attic, and the storage shed.

It’s true. We don’t need a bigger house. We just need less stuff in it.

I started small and managed to clean out the back of my truck. It had for some time now been the repository for old scripts, prop pieces, and a few left over set pieces from five or more different shows. I hope it will still run. And I hope I didn’t jinx my next audition (and no I don’t know when that is).

Unfortunately, some of the stuff went into the garage, but that’s temporary until we make the next Goodwill/Landfill run.

It’s Monday, which is pretty routine, and I’m talking about pretty routine things.

Granted I’m doing so in a brilliant manner. Still, the subject isn’t all that flashy.

But sometimes, life is about taking care of the mundane. It’s about getting up in the morning and making it through the day.

It’s about seeing the people you don’t want to see. Doing the tasks you don’t want to do. Paying the bills you don’t want to pay.

Work with me here. I’m trying to get us all through Monday.

Maybe the way to get through the mundane is to think of one new thing we can do to improve our lives, or the life of someone we love, or tolerate, or the world around us.

Maybe instead of whining about another Monday we find a way to make it just a little better.

My goal for hitting the gym is my attempt. And, I know that I’ll either make it or come back and delete this post.


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