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Sometimes the road is less traveled for a reason.

American comedian, actor, and producer, Jerry Seinfeld, was born on this day in 1954

It’s a classic example in movies and literature. Two choices of paths. Which one to choose?

In The Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf doesn’t want to go through Moria, but allows Frodo to choose. Once inside Gandalf guides the Fellowship through and chooses the path not because he remembers the way but because the air smells fresher. Funny thing is that there’s a Balrog at the end of that fresh air.

If that’s a spoiler after all these years, you need to get out more.

Then there’s the Bugs Bunny line that I’ve used more than once “I should have taken that left turn in Albuquerque.”

Sometimes we don’t choose a particular path because others have gone that route and it’s not been successful.

Sometimes we don’t choose a path because we’re afraid of the unknown.

We’d all like to get to a place in life where we’re free to choose our own path without being judged by others. Where we’re encouraged to try a new path, not warned by people who “know better.”

I’m too old to regret that paths I’ve taken in my life. Are there things I would have done differently? Absolutely.

But, rather than spend time remembering the old days and whining about how things didn’t go my way I need to be about the business of choosing the best path now.

That might, or might not, be the road less traveled.

All I know is, if I get off my backside and take better care of my health, I’ve got around 20-30 years left, assuming I’m not eaten by a Balrog…unlikely since I’d never choose the path through Moria.

I digress.

No matter what your goal or your destination, no matter how clear and precise your plan to get there, there will come a time when you’ll have to make choices, or decisions that you weren’t expecting to make.

While the wrong, or different, choice may not impact your actual reaching of the goal, the timing, or perspective may shift.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Ask any person who reached their life goal. None of them will tell you it was easy. None of them will tell you they didn’t have to make choices. Or that they didn’t take the occasional detour.

Sometimes the road less traveled is because the bridge is out ahead.

Our decision is whether to have a Thelma and Louise moment or find a different path.


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