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Image: Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

Image: Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

Brevity is the sister of talent.

– Anton Chekhov

Just because you have access to all the words, there’s nothing that says you have to use them all.

In fact, quite the contrary.

Sometimes less really is more. In fact, most of the time.

Maybe not if you’re writing Les Miserables, or Gone With the Wind.

Or if you find out years after the fact that your wife’s copy of The Count of Monte Cristo that you read was the abridged version.

I don’t like abridged versions. Too often it feels like I’m missing something. It’s like seeing the movie instead of reading the book.

The book is always better.

But, the book doesn’t always have to be longer.

As I say often, everyone needs an editor.

True, in most cases I need an editor because of typos, and on more than a few occasions because I’ve managed to butcher the rules of grammar.

In fairness, sometimes the butchery is intentional.

But seriously, you don’t need to include the kitchen sink.

Those of you who know me and know of my current activities will know why this particular concept is ringing true for me.

It’s okay to leave something out. It’s usually better.

And if you also know that by day I’m a government drone you can rest assured that I often, very often in fact, think that there’s much being said that doesn’t need to be said. Or done.

I’m the first to admit, as I’ve spoken of recently, that I put far too many things on my calendar. I put far too many tasks on my to-do list.

But when I’m writing or producing a show, stepping back to say “yeah, I don’t really need that” is a healthy thing.

A concept that many could learn.

Unfortunately, in the rare possibility that those folks might be reading this, they’ll think it’s not for them.

What’s that rule in women’s fashion? Get dressed and before you leave, take something off? Or something like that.

Ladies, they’re talking jewelry or makeup. This is not that kind of a blog.

We’re also editing around the house this year with Christmas decorations. I have scaled way back on my expectations for the outside. A few years back I managed to fulfill my dream of turning the boy’s fort into a gingerbread house.

Been there. Done that. Had the snack.

This year, I’m more inclined to go the simple route of candles in the windows and a nice wreath. I may string out some lights on the porch. I may not.

I’m editing.

Inside we’re editing as well. The Mrs. and I have a collection of Santas we like to display on the mantle in the same room with our Santa tree.

But over the years Santa has brought the older child a nutcracker every Christmas and the younger child a snow globe.

We’re running out of space.

The nutcrackers and the snow globes will be out again. The Santas will be placed selectively. And that’s okay.

But, back to words. I may have already used too many for this post.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

It’s okay.

Less really is More.

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