Those who forget history are condemned to write about it



“Why write about the past? Well, there’s more of it.”

– English actor, producer, and screenwriter John Cleese was born on this day in 1939.

I’ve tried writing futuristic science fiction, but I’m not very good at it.

I may not be good at writing historical fiction. But I prefer that, and real history, for most settings.

And, I find that’s where I like to do most of my reading as well. Often in the form of biographies.

For a while I found myself fascinated with the crowned heads of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It wasn’t something we spent a lot of time studying in high school history. I found the interconnections with the royal families fascinating.

My current novel project includes a great deal of history over the last sixty or so years of the protagonist’s life. He’s seen a lot of history. Although, unlike Forrest Gump, he doesn’t show up in most of the pictures.

Still, I’ve found it particularly challenging to make sure that the dates correctly correspond. With nearly every read through I find another reference to a date or event that just doesn’t seem right. Then I’m off to the Internet to search for the correct information.

More often than not, I get lost in the search.

Speaking of which, forget hiding the bodies. If you’re a good friend and I should pass unexpectedly soon, please come and clear my search history.

I digress.

Some successful writers have teams of researchers to verify facts and look up details. I am a research department of one.

Recently I emailed a friend who works in the medical field. Is this condition possible with that condition?

She’ll get a credit in the foreword.

Which is why you should always respond to my emails.

Speaking of history, that’s what most of 2015 is.

I don’t know, it seems a bit cliche to talk about how time is flying.

As an actor, director, and producer, 2015 has been a pretty good, and very busy, year for me.

As a writer, well, it’s been okay. I do have the first very, very, very rough draft of the current novel project done. But it needs work.

But that, as they say is history.

Which is why I’m writing about it.

Also born on this day in 1942, American singer-songwriter, Lee Greenwood. I met Lee Greenwood back in 1988 at a conference I planned at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Greenwood gave the final concert, and of course, ended with his signature song.

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