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Image:  Jeremy Cai via Unsplash

Image: Jeremy Cai via Unsplash

Alert readers will note that I didn’t post Monday or Tuesday.

I could make excuses, and I suppose that’s what I’m about to do.  But I’ve promised myself that I won’t stay up late cranking out a less than brilliant post just so I can say I posted every day of the week.

As an actor, I’m well familiar with the phrase “Always leave them wanting more.”  Maybe that also works in blogging.

That quote has been attributed, among others, to both P.T. Barnum and Walt Disney.  I suppose in this case it leaves us wanting more information about who actually said it first.

Reality is, I’m still figuring out how to balance this blogging thing with everything else I’m doing.

Generally, I spend Saturday mornings working on developing the posts for the following week.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes not.

This past Saturday I spent pretty much the entire day working on the writing that actually pays me.  Because I’d not had a significant assignment in a couple of months I was a bit rusty and it took a bit to get back into the groove.  I got them done.  But it took all day.

In addition, I’m currently navigating the production of an entirely new event.

Sunday, after church and lunch with the family, I went to a four-hour rehearsal.  I followed that up with a four-hour working session on the upcoming event.  It’s going to be really cool and I’ll write about it closer to the time. But it’s not just a throw up some streamers, order some pizzas kind of event.

Nor is it a Judy and Mickey “Let’s put on a show” type of evening.

It’s theater. It’s dance.  It’s food.  It’s costumes. It’s very cool.

I think I said that already.

It’s taking up a lot of time.

My director is equally busy and we often spend a good portion of our time figuring out when next we can meet.  Two separate phone conversations Monday night determined that we don’t actually need to meet again in person before we hold auditions on Saturday.

I’m pretty sure I’m going somewhere with this post. Stay with me.

It’s Tuesday night as I’m actually writing this and I’m attempting to recover from the chill I got standing on the side of the street awaiting a tow truck. Long story short.  The truck I just got back after the deer incident had a flat tire.  I put air in this morning, but it’s a pretty darn big leak.  The first guy sent by AAA was going to change it.  Until we discovered we didn’t have the necessary tools to get to the spare that’s under the truck.  Don’t ask me, in almost eleven years of driving the truck, I’ve never used the spare.  We ended up having the second driver tow the truck to our regular garage.

In the meantime I missed a physical therapy appointment for the shoulder.  As much as I hate going, I know it helps my shoulder and I know it’s the only way I’m going to get better.

All this is to say, I think, that sometimes life happens and we can’t do everything.  I talked about that last week. I have to make choices.

Reality is that I can’t get up every morning to go the YMCA, work five days a week, be active in the Music and Fine Arts Ministry at church, keep up with my freelance writing assignments, rehearse for my current show, prepare for auditions for the next, and be in the process of co-producing and acting in another major event.

That’s not the whole list.  But I think you get the point.

Sure I need to juggle the things on my to-do list.  And, sure there’s precious little on there that I didn’t place there. But juggling, and taking care of yourself, sometimes means admitting that you just can’t do everything.

When I rehearse until 10:00, I get home around 10:30.  It takes at least an hour for me to wind down so that I can actually go to sleep.  That’s if I don’t have another list of tasks to be done before I even try. So, what I’m saying is, don’t judge me if you don’t see me check in at the YMCA.  I’ll still likely walk at lunch, weather permitting. Life is about making choices.

Today I’ll make choices about what to eat, what to wear, how late to stay up.  And those will likely affect the choices I’ll make tomorrow. And if I choose not to do everything on the list, then that’s okay.

You have a choice to share this post.  Choose wisely.

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