Not according to plan


Brilliance delayed.

I had a plan. Last night I got home from rehearsal around nine. I had a little dinner. Generally, I’d rather not eat that late. But I do to avoid the trap of feeling hungry and grabbing something entirely unhealthy right before bedtime.

The plan was to come home from rehearsal. Get my stuff together for the next day. Do a couple of software updates on my son’s laptop. Fire off this post, and get to bed.

Among the things I needed to do with the laptop was update the security software. That required a password. One, of course, that I had forgotten. I filled in the appropriate form.

“We’ll send a link to your email address.”

That was around 9:30. Around 10, I sent another request (I know you IT types are probably cringing about now, but perhaps they didn’t get it). I tried once more and got a nice “you’ve asked for this too many times.”

But it was apparent Godot was going to get here before my password reset.

It’s 6:20 a.m. right now. The reset came at 3:06 a.m. But the password is reset and stored in an undisclosed location so I can finish the process tonight.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I tried to write this post. I had a couple of ideas. I have a bank of pre-written articles, or at least drafts, that I could turn to. None seemed right.

I spent some time digging around Pinterest and some old blogs trying to find the right words to say today. They just weren’t there. I gave up and decided that either I would not post today, or I’d get up early and figure something out. Which is what I’ve done. Sort of.

Funny thing is, right before I went to bed I got a flash of inspiration for a random post title.

I did not write it down. It may or may not return. Rest assured that it’s not it’s not going to be here today, at least not for this post.

We’re also waiting in this household for our son’s biology book to arrive. He’s taking a co-op class since we didn’t want to dissect fetal pigs on the kitchen counter. My wife ordered the book on August 20. It’s “in transit.” She was able to find the first chapter of the book as a sample. That got him through class last week. He has class again today without the book.

So, without the right blog post topic, without the password reset, without the biology book…we still have to move ahead.

We could sit here and do nothing while we wait. But that’s pointless.

Life is full of interruptions. It’s full of days that don’t go as we planned. Monday, I left my work laptop at home, so I got a loaner at the office. I had to use Explorer. It was like I was in a third world country.

Interruptions can slow us down, or change our path. But they shouldn’t stop us. When things don’t go as planned we can’t, or at least shouldn’t, give up.

Life. Lemons. Lemonade….Vodka…or something like that.

None of which were used in the making of this post. Well, except life.

So, sorry for the random brain download this morning. I’m posting this in a hurry and am off to the gym.

That’s the plan anyway.

Heh…and as I go to post, I get this Quote of the Day from Goodreads:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver, Born on this Day in 1935

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