Of corset you need this for back to school


This weekend only, Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s entire ensemble is tax free.

This weekend, August 1-3, is Virginia’s August Sales Tax Holiday for back to school supplies. For nine years now, this weekend has given Virginia taxpayers a little break at the cash register.

Never mind that in reality taxes are too damn high to begin with. This helps.

Here in our household, we don’t have to pick up the list of school supplies to supplement a “free” education. Trust me, any parent with a child in public school knows it’s hardly “free.” That’s a side point.

But since we home school we make our own list. Still, this can be a good weekend for stuff we need.

You know, things like pencils, paper, crayons…and corsets. That’s right, corsets.

Jeff Katz was talking about this on WRVA yesterday morning (and may be today, sorry Jeff I only listen on drive time and it’s telework Friday).

The official Department of Taxation list says, “’School supply,’ means an item that is commonly used by a student in a course of study.”

Here are things that happen to also be on the list: garters and garter belts, girdles, lingerie and nightgowns.

Just exactly what type of school are you sending your child to?

I know enough about the legislative process to know that this list was created for a reason. It’s just beyond me to figure out what that reason could possibly be.

Things not on the list?

  • Computers and computer supplies like ink and paper, umbrellas, watches. There’s more.
  • According to the list you can buy a book bag, but not a brief case or a handbag.
  • You can buy diapers, but not a handkerchief. But you can buy a bandana.
  • You can buy costume pieces, but not a wig or hair piece.
  • You can buy athletic supporters and golf clothing, but not cleats or golf gloves.
  • Your safety glasses for chemestry and shop are not exempt.

Seriously, trying to figure this list out makes my brain hurt.

On another side note, if the McDonnells had waited until this weekend to buy stuff for their daughter’s wedding (including the dresses and veils), they could have saved Jonnie Williams a lot of money.

Too snarky?

But enough. Get out. Go shopping. Save yourself some money.

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