Five Things that are more important than Duck Dynasty this Christmas

A&E Photo

A&E Photo

I’m not going to editorialize (okay, not much) about the hysteria (from both sides) about the Phil Robertson interview in GQ. By the way, I read it so that I would know what I was talking about, did you?

Here’s the bottom line: Phil Robertson has the right to say whatever he wants. A&E has the right to hire or fire whomever they want. And none of us have a right to not be offended.

Shaun said it best over at Bearing Drift. Seriously — if the opinions of others offends you? Grow up and get a damn life, and be a bit more secure in your own belief system.

But, while the Interwebz continue to be ablaze about this story, did you know these things were happening?

  • 500 People died this week in South Sudan. Read about it at CNN.
  • North Korea has threatened to attack South Korea. Read about it at Australia Network News.
  • The ceiling of London’s Apollo Theatre collapsed, injuring some 76 people. Via CNN.
  • Some 40 million credit and debit card users had their account information stolen through a data breach at Target. Via

And for those offended by what Phil said, maybe consider what’s happening in places where you can get more than your feelings hurt:

  • A spokeswoman for Uganda’s parliament says lawmakers have passed a long-shelved law that punishes “aggravated homosexuality” with life imprisonment. Via USAToday.

Look, by all means, if you’re pro-Robertson or anti-Robertson, fire off your cards and letters to A&E. Just remember, it’s a business decision for them. It’s all about viewers.

But maybe do it with a little perspective on what’s really important.


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