If you don’t vote, you’re the problem




I understand how those of us in Virginia are all disgusted with this election cycle. It’s been ugly. It’s been painful.

Thankfully, it’s soon to be over.

Today is Election Day. And you have an obligation to show up at the polls.

People fought and died to give us this right. Don’t throw it away by staying home.

Don’t like the candidates? Either pick the one you hate the least, or write in your Mom’s name. It’s important to show up at the polls. Campaigns are organized and focused based on who shows up and who doesn’t.

You don’t have to be a political activist. But you should be politically active.

If you don’t inform yourself of the issues and if you don’t participate in the process, well, please take this with the kindness and consideration with which it is given.

Shut up. You’re the problem.

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