Every light in the house was off…

lightshout1It was one those weeks. A week when you say “oh crap, now what?” Those happen every so often, and I find myself looking to the weekend to re-group and get caught up.

Enter Tropical Storm Andrea. I knew that teleworking on Friday and the associated very wet weekend would allow me to do some of that catching up. Friday, I finished several work projects and got them submitted. Then Friday evening I planned to spend time reading one of the four books I’m currently trying to finish and doing a substantial amount of writing.

Friday night is a traditional pizza and movie night in our house. The pizzas were barely out of the oven when the power went off.

Change of plans.

It was still light outside but I went ahead and located the candles. We checked the cabinet and found that we did indeed have enough supplies for s’mores.

So we gathered around a campfire made of candles in the middle of our table. Realizing that we’d be there for a while, we pulled out “Apples to Apples,” a great game that pretty much just shows we’ve all got the same warped sense of humor.

Where did the boys get that?

A couple of hours later, with no signs of the power returning, we piled in the car for a National Donut Day road trip. On the way out of the lightsout2neighborhood we saw the crews from Dominion working to restore our power.

The line was still pretty long at Krispy Kreme, but we got our free donuts and an extra dozen which we gave to the power crew on our way home.

Sometime in the middle of the night the power came back on.

Here’s the thing. It was a crappy week that didn’t look like it was ending well when the power went out.

Had that not happened, we all would have been plugged into our electronic devices in different rooms or piled in front of the TV not talking.

It’s a simple thing that happened by “accident.”

But maybe next week we should unplug on purpose.

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