Here I Spam, I Can Do No Other

I’ve lost “friends” and severely annoyed others on Facebook, Twitter, email and elsewhere.

I believe th

is election is important. It is a crucial test of our values and future as a nation.

It is not the end of the world, regardless the outcome.

As I wrote the other day. God is in control.

And, while it is hard for me to understand, there are people who believe in and love God on both sides of this election. In all honesty I don’t know how you can be a follower of Christ and be a liberal Democrat.

I have friends who are that say the same thing about my being a conservative and (mostly) Republican.

What I want more than anything is for this to be over. The suspense, the not knowing.

My family knows I don’t do surprises. I always want to know what’s coming.

I know what I think will happen tomorrow. But I can’t be sure.

All I know is that once the polls are close and the winners declared (which hopefully will be decisive), I’m going to take a little break from politics. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. I have a book (or more) to be working on.

I’ll be back in the fight, eventually.

I’m sincerely hoping my next political event will be attending the Inauguration of President Romney. I took my oldest son to the first Inauguration of President George W. Bush. Technically he was at George H.W. Bush’s Inauguration as well since my wife as five months pregnant at the time.

But I’d like to take the youngest to Mitt Romney’s Inauguration. He did get to be a part of Bob McDonnell’s Inauguration as Governor.

Tomorrow four years of campaigning, million of dollars in campaign spending and endless polls and prognostication will be over. For this round.

As for me, I’ve done all I can. I’ve written, I’ve rallied, I’ve donated. It’s what I had to do.

This is my last blog post on this election. I’ll be around Facebook and Twitter until the end.

Here I spam. I can do no other.

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