But, what about Bob?

Will Bob McDonnell be Romney’s VP pick?

It could happen. At least according to these sources:

Shaun Kenney called it at Bearing Drift: Bob McDonnell is Your VP Nominee

At Virginia Virtucon, Riley says: Team Romney obviously understands that PWC is key to winning Virginia statewide. (It might also be a good place to unveil VA Gov. Bob

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McDonnell as his VP runningmate…)
The American Maverick asks: What if Bob McDonnell becomes VP?: As a political asset for Mitt Romney, bringing Virginia from a toss up to a definite red state would be a huge power play. Currently, Virginia is considered the battleground state by many pundits. Even more so than Ohio by some. If Bob were to be selected as VP, Virginia would possibly be neutralized as a battleground state. Making the Commonwealth a strong red state for Mitt Romney.

How soon will Mitt’s VP app tell us who his VP choice will be?

Meanwhile, here’s what you see when you go to MittRomney.com.

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