Tim Kaine says he wasn’t “hand-picked” by Obama.


From Allen for Senate:

Kaine Feigns Offense at Fact He Was Handpicked by Obama for DNC Chairman and Senate Candidate

“[B]y All Accounts, Kaine And Obama Are As Close As Two Politicians Can Be.” (Chris Cillizza, “The Case For Tim Kaine,” The Washington Post’s The Fix, 7/9/08)

“It’s Official: Obama Taps Kaine To Head DNC.” (Dale Eisman, “It’s Official: Obama Taps Kaine To Head DNC,” The Virginian-Pilot, 1/9/09)

In 2009, When Asked About His Future, Kaine Said The President Asked Him To Be DNC Chair, “So That Will Be My Job, Basically Supporting This Popular President.” LARRY KING (CNN): “Will where does Tim Kaine go from here?”KAINE: “Well, the president arm twisted me a year ago, Larry, to be the chairman of the Democratic Party. And so that will be my job, basically supporting this popular president.” (CNN’s “Larry King Live,” 11/3/09)

When Kaine Was Asked If He Would Stay On As DNC Chair, He Said “Well, I Am Doing What The President Wants Me To Do. . . . It’s Been A Tremendous Honor To Serve This President In This Way.” AMANPOUR: “And finally, what will happen after the election? Will you remain DNC chairman?” KAINE: “Well, I am doing what the president wants me to do. I have not had any conversation with him or the White House to suggest they want me to do anything different, so it’s full speed ahead. It’s been a tremendous honor to serve this president in this way.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 10/24/10)

Some Democrats Say If Kaine Does Run For Senate In Virginia, It Is Because Obama Asked Him To Do So. “Kaine is not expected to say anything on his interest (or lack thereof) today. Several informed Democratic sources suggested, however, that Kaine would likely only run if President Obama himself asked him to do so. It’s not clear whether Obama would do that although he and Kaine do have a long and close relationship. (Kaine was the first major elected official to support Obama’s presidential bid.)” (Chris Cillizza, “Jim Webb’s Retirement (And What It Means),” The Washington Post’s The Fix, 2/9/11)

“While Kaine Certainly Said He Would Not Run For The Senate, He Also Expressed A Desire To Do ‘What The President Wants Me To Do.’ Once Webb Said He Would Not Seek Reelection, Obama Began Encouraging Kaine To Run.” (Jacob Geiger, “Tim Kaine Said He Would Not Run For Senate,” Richmond Times-Dispatch’s PolitiFact Virginia, 4/5/11)

Kaine: “I’m an unabashed supporter of the President.” (01/12)

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