George Allen for U.S. Senate Unveils “Virginia Voices” Campaign

June 21, 2012

George Allen for U.S. Senate Unveils “Virginia Voices” Campaign

Henrico, VA – George Allen for U.S. Senate is unveiling its “Virginia Voices” campaign. The effort will continue to build on George and Susan Allen’s events across the state where they are meeting with families and small business as they share their concerns and ideas for fixing Washington.

“Virginia Voices” launches a multi-tiered campaign including a new website, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The campaign is also kicking off a targeted summer TV campaign – releasing its first two ads which will run across the state as well as go on the website.

The first two ads, “Dorothy” and “Betsy” are testimonial from people who know George Allen personally or having worked for him.  They share their stories of him as they know him, as a father, husband and leader for Virginia.

Ms. Dorothy Jaeckle is the Vice Chair of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, former parent appointee to the Advisory Board for Teacher Education and Licensure, a wife and mother of four.

“As a mom with four children who graduated from Virginia public schools, I want to know that our leaders are committed to the classrooms in our community,” said Dorothy Jaeckle.

“George Allen as Governor showed that he cares about the life story of every child, he knew high standards were necessary for all students in order to empower them to learn. Thanks to George Allen making education a priority, my children have benefited from his vision that what gets measured, gets better.”

Ms. Betsy Beamer is the former Secretary of the Commonwealth under Governor George Allen, a wife and mother of two daughters.  She remains a close friend and confidant, serving as a senior advisor on his Senate campaign.

“I’ve known George and Susan for more than 20 years, watching their children grow and proudly serving in his administration,” said Betsy Beamer. “The George Allen I know is the real deal – with a genuine love and commitment for his family and Virginia. I know George is running for Senate to preserve the opportunity of the American Dream for future generations, and there’s no one better to stand up in Washington for our children and their future.”

To view the spots log onto (scripts are posted below).  The two will be part of the overall campaign that will run on targeted statewide TV stations and cable networks throughout the summer.

Title: “Dorothy”


George Allen: I’m George Allen and I approve this message.

Dorothy Jaeckle: George Allen’s one of the most good natured people I’ve ever come across. When he was governor, I was on a field trip with my son and George Allen was on his way to work, and I yelled something out to him. And instead of heading on his way, he turned around and came right over, and it was so clear that he was interested in engaging in a conversation with the mothers of 4thand 5th graders to talk about education policy. I think he made an impression on everybody that day.

Title: “Betsy”


Betsy Beamer: As a Mom, it’s very important to me to have someone like George Allen there fighting for us. I have two daughters; best job in the world is being their mom. A parent wants the next generation to have more than they had. George Allen’s running for this Senate seat for the right reasons. He wants to have a better future for our kids and there is no better reason. George Allen’s a good man, a good husband, a good father, he’s a good listener, he’s the real deal.

George Allen: I’m George Allen and I approve this message.

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