The Washington Post only hopes the Senate Race is this close…

The Washington Post Poll: Kaine, Allen still tied in much-watched Senate contest

Look, we know Virginia is a Battleground State. We know it’s a must win for Mitt Romney. We know that to take the Senate back it’s a must win for George Allen. We know that Tim Kaine and his buddies are going to poor bazillions into the state.

But, we also know that The Washington Post makes crap up.

See, The Washington Post misses the days when they could write eight-thousand-seven-hunnert-and-twenty-eleben articles on “macaca.”

And they’re still pouting over the fact that they couldn’t sink Bob McDonnell with his thesis in 2009.

So they can’t stand the thought of George Allen actually winning, or even looking like he’ll win.

So what do they do? Political geeks understand that they underestimated the Republican turnout. Their numbers say that only 25% of the electorate identify themselves as Republican.

To put it in terms we can all understand the Post is saying that the percentage of Virginia Republicans is a smaller number than the percentage of California Republicans.

Sure, we know we lost in 2008. But has the Post not read the returns from 2009, 2010 and 2011?

It’s simple, the numbers are faulty. But even at that, they’re pretty darn good for Allen considering everything the left and the Post plan to throw at him.

And the Democrats aren’t happy. More on that from Norm at Bearing Drift: WaPo poll results bring out the very angry trolls

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