If you were moved by the Kony video

About a month ago, the Kony 2012 video took the Internet by storm. People were sharing the video on Facebook, sending money to Invisible Children and then the word began to come out that perhaps things weren’t exactly as they were portrayed in the video.

Still, the images tugged at the heart.

Now, World Vision is offering a real opportunity to do something about thousands of children are still vulnerable to violence or are recovering from the LRA’s violent oppression.

World Vision writes: A moment of widespread awareness about Joseph Kony — and the countries and lives he’s hurt — is finally here. We must use this moment to take concrete action that can tangibly help the children and communities who have been harmed most by the actions of Kony and his LRA.

And they offer tangible ways to become involved, more than just spreading a YouTube link.

If the video moved you at all, check out the blog post from World Vision.

Is this where you want to be involved? Where you should be involved?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, at least be informed.

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