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Sometimes it’s good to step back from the arguing about health mandates, and the hate speech of the left and state budgets to remember that, in the grand scheme of things worldwide, our problems can seem trivial. Not that we shouldn’t fight, but sometimes we need to ask what we’re fighting for.

Watch this video.

Invisbile Children is not without its critics. It’s certainly valid to ask where the money is going, how a social media campaign can really make a diffrence. And more importantly it’s a serious question to ask why the U.S. Government should intervene militarily. Particularly since we’ve been the anti-involvement sentiment over Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, the video tugs at the heart strings. And it rightly raises awareness.

Maybe the approach is wrong. Maybe the call for official U.S. involvement is wrong.

But it’s not wrong to care about these children and to want to see something done. It’s not wrong to stop and remember that while there are things we don’t like about our own country, our own government, we’ve got it pretty darn good.

Watch the video. Then determine if you’re one of the people who should help. Either through Invisible Children or some other means.

But don’t be complacent and say “it’s not my problem. It doesn’t affect me.”

Because now, whether you act or ignore, it does affect you. It affects all of us.

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