About that right-wing-extremist-social-agenda-war-on-women…

The GOP is waging a war on women! The Republicans are pushing a troglodyte social agenda.

Or so they say…

My friend Jim Hoeft concedes that the Democrats won the PR war over the recent General Assembly Session…that still doesn’t have a budget thanks to Senate Democrats. Jim says:

Democrats have succeed in doing what I thought was not possible — taking a steady discussion about job creation, the economy, and balancing the budget and making it secondary to “Republican overreach” and “extremism.”.

But Jim points out the news you didn’t hear:

You mean to tell me you weren’t aware that Virginia now has the lowest unemployment rate in three years — 5.8 percent (when McDonnell/Bolling took office it was 7.2 percent)? Or that we had a 17.2 percent increase in revenue growth in the month of February? Or that the state has created 111,900 net new jobs — causing Virginia to leap from 35th in the country at job creation to 8th since McDonnell/Bolling were sworn in?

But it’s not just the Senate Democrats reporting sitings of the Social Agenda Bogeyman. Governor Tim “Abuser Fees” Kaine said this in a statement following Governor McDonnell’s signing of the ultrasound bill.

Kaine said: “I continue to believe this legislation is bad for Virginia’s image, bad for Virginia’s businesses and bad for Virginia’s women… Deviations into the social debates of the past not only distract from those challenges, but they actually hurt our reputation as a world-class place to do business.”

Was Kaine right?

Apparently not.

Governor McDonnell announced this week that MoneyRates.com has ranked Virginia the “Best State to Make a Living” in its annual study. Virginia jumped up from fourth place in 2011 to take the top spot in 2012 based on measurements in the four categories considered by MoneyRates.com: Average Income, which has increased over the past year; Cost of Living based on ACCRA Cost of Living Index, which slightly decreased; Unemployment Rate, which has decreased in Virginia; and State Income Tax, which has not increased under the McDonnell administration.

No wonder Timmy wants to talk about social issues.

Especially since we found out today that the latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey finds Allen drawing 46% of the vote to Kaine’s 44%.

For all the whining and the griping Tim Kaine did trying to paint George Allen as an extremist…Kaine LOST TWO POINTS, from the last poll.

Let’s review:

According to the Democrats, Republicans are waging a war on women through an extremist right-wing agenda.

According to the facts:

Virginia unemployment is down.

Virginia had a 17.2 percent increase in revenue growth in February.

Virginia is named the “Best State to Make a Living.”

George Allen leads Tim Kaine in the race for the Senate.

And Rush is still on the air…

But make no mistake about it, the left has found its theme for this year’s election. Republicans are mean, middle-aged, white men who want to put women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. This is the story you can expect to hear over and over and over.

In turn Republicans will talk about gas prices, and unemployment, and foreign policy. Democrats will ignore those issues because there’s nothing they can say that won’t point out their miserable failures.

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