Politifact: George Allen is right on gas prices

The Truth-O-Meter Says:

“We have high gasoline prices which are costing us about $30 more for each fill-up than the cost was when President Obama came into office,” Allen, a Republican, said in a Feb. 6 audio interview with the conservative Bearing Drift website.

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The price of a gallon of gas is nearly twice what it was when Obama took office. Allen’s use of the $30 figure is a bit of a broad brush, since that assumes the capacities of 18-20 gallon tanks, and many cars have smaller gas tanks. But we don’t think the $30 extra fill-up costs is an unreasonable figure to use, because it would be the higher cost for many cars on the road.

Of course because they have to, Politifact says it’s not all Obama’s fault.

How can that be since Nancy Pelosi told us the President controls the gas prices? See The Lonely Conservative: Hey, Remember When Nancy Pelosi Blamed George Bush for High Gas Prices?

It’s most certainly fair to blame Obama since in 2009 he claimed he owned the economy and since he killed the Keystone pipeline.. And let’s not forget that he wants to make Brazil rich with our money. “And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers,” said Obama to Brazil.

Original source for Allen’s statement was The Score Podcast on Bearing Drift.

Chart: The Heritage Foundation.

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